~Live Boldly By Choice~

Living life is messy.

We all have events in our life that create moments where low confidence and self-worth take over.

Where we question our actions, our decisions, and our purpose.

Where we second-guess our choices and sorely underestimate our own value.

We, women, do this not because we are incapable, but because, for some of us, we lack sustainable self-confidence.

This may mean you:

  • Want to show up and be seen as a leader in your career, but you lack the courage and skills to put yourself out there.
  • Want to be able to speak up assertively at work, in relationships and socially so that you are taken seriously and get more of what you want.
  • Know you could achieve so much more if you trusted and believed in yourself, rather than continuously worrying about what others may think.

Whether you have a clear vision of what you want your life to be like, or perhaps you just know, right now, things just aren’t quite right.

I can help you get clarity and support you to:

  • Overcome your self-doubt mental chatter.
  • Trust yourself to make decisions and speak up for what you truly desire
  • Feel empowered to courageously step out of your comfort zone to live life boldly, by choice.

What is Shatterproof?
Shatterproof is the feeling of being fully grounded in your own self-esteem with sovereignty of ownership of the outcome of all aspects of your life.

Being Shatterproof is being unbreakable no matter what and accepting that no-thing and no-one has power over you. Period.

Being Shatterproof is being so completely mentally and emotionally grounded in self-awareness that no-thing and no-one can negatively impact you thus allowing you to navigate and thrive, no matter what life throws at you.

Being Shatterproof isn’t about faking it till you make it, being Shatterproof is having absolute certainty in your own abilities and in yourself.

In this era of evolution, women are stepping up and saying #ENOUGH.

Shatterproof self-confidence is needed more than ever as we women challenge the status quo and say #NOMORE.

What Is The Shatterproof Society?
The Shatterproof Society exists to provide life-altering confidence training to professionally minded and business-focused women; to inspire, to empower, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

What Do I do?
I guide my clients through their mental malware, to excavate through and healing of their negative emotional congestion, and aid them in spiritually aligning within themselves.

True confidence comes from true self-awareness.

I am not a business strategist. I am a YOU strategist.

I guide you, my client, through my signature 7-Discipline process, Shatterproof Yourself, created with the intention of giving you immediate life-altering results:

  • By uncovering your true authentic self and healing your psyche which unravels your limiting beliefs that keep you fearfully playing small.
  • By working through this detailed process, you gain clarity on and learn to embrace who you truly are and how you truly desire, how YOU CHOOSE to show up in YOUR life.
  • By embracing your true self, you create YOUR Shatterproof life.

Join Me Within The Shatterproof Society

The Shatterproof Society is also an online community for women, designed to be a welcoming sisterhood, for those who want to embrace their authentic selves by showing up in life and their business Boldly, By Choice.

Shawna is a great sounding board for any challenges that you are facing around your business. She has learned from the bottom up and is really tuned into the demands of modern business (i.e. grace under fire and spine of steel).
Anne Maurice

Grace Under Fire

Shawna is completely the real deal. She has such an intuition, soul, and heart for her work and the people she supports. I have seen lots of business coaches on the internet and Shawna just breaks the mold with her authenticity and genuine care and support. I would recommend her to all my friends and just feel so blessed to have her in my life!
Janice Laundry

The Real Deal