Welcome To The Shatterproof Society


Hello! I’m Shawna, a Confidence Catalyst and Empowerment Mentor for tenacious women entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to take a holistic deep dive into how you show up in life by examining your behaviors, habits, and goals to clear the energetic congestion that’s holding you back from making miracles happen that move your business to the next level.

What is Shatterproof?
Shatterproof is a feeling of full self-confidence, the sovereignty of ownership of the outcome of all aspects of your life.

Being Shatterproof is being unbreakable.

Being Shatterproof is being so completely mentally and emotionally grounded in self-awareness that no-thing and no-one can negatively impact you thus allowing you to navigate and thrive, no matter what life throws at you.

Being Shatterproof isn’t about faking it till you make it, being Shatterproof is having absolute certainty in your own abilities and in yourself.

In this era of #MeToo, women are stepping up and saying #ENOUGH.

Shatterproof self-confidence is needed more than ever as we women challenge the status quo and say #NOMORE.

What Is The Shatterproof Society?
The Shatterproof Society is a membership only society where like-minded female entrepreneurs desire to meet in a spiritually safe place where they can learn & grow within the Shatterproof Yourself program. This is a no BS, no bullying, totally judgment-free zone with zero tolerance for societal trollism kind of society whose sole purpose is to build up women from the inside out. In this era of #MeToo, this safe space is needed more than ever.

What Do I do?
I help my clients smash through their mental malware, to excavate through and healing their emotional congestion, and spiritually align within their business genius.

I am not a business strategist. I am your Confidence Catalyst.

I guide you, my client, through my signature 5-Discipline process, Shatterproof Yourself, created with the intention of ripping the status-quo band-aid off to give you immediate life-altering results:

  • By uncovering your true authentic self and healing your psyche which unravels your limiting beliefs that keep you playing small.
  • By working through this detailed process, you gain clarity on and learn to embrace who you truly are and how you truly desire, how YOU CHOOSE to show up in your business… and your life.

Join Me Within The Shatterproof Society

The Shatterproof Society is also an online community for women, designed to be a welcoming sisterhood, for those who want to embrace their authentic selves by showing up in life and their business confidently and fearless.