Who Am I

By the Lake

“You just have to make up your mind that change will probably entail a bit of discomfort, more than a little inconvenience, absolutely a complete break from your predictable routine and more than one period of not knowing. Once you accept this, then you do what needs to be done; the good, the bad, all of it.”

My grandma used to tell me this when I was younger but I didn’t understand what it meant until many years later.

My grandma was a very wise woman. She knew I would need this bit of wisdom one day.

I was raised in an environment that wasn’t all that good. My grandma did the best she could with what she had, as the sole provider for not only me but my 2 aunts and 3 uncles.

All while growing up, I watched my aunts and uncles make terrible choices again and again. Repeatedly making the same bad decision over and over. I was struggling to finish high school when my grandma’s wise words would begin to float around in my mind.

Choose to be different. Choose to break the cycle. Choose to grow, to evolve, to blaze a new path. Choose by making a plan and stick to it no matter what.

By the time I was married and my first child was born I was well on my way to my chosen life. A life that was completely different than anything I witnessed growing up.

Then, at age 3, my precious child was diagnosed with Autism and my life plan abruptly came to a fork in the road.

A major life transition.

Left fork, continue on the previous path by placing my baby into an institution because children like him usually never advance beyond his current mental state…


Right fork, blaze a new trail in caring for a child with special needs, shifting priorities and lifestyle to adapt to this new path.

With the aid of my husband, we forged a new direction into the unknown world of Autism programs and a multitude of doctors visits and 2am meltdowns and What is wrong with this shirt??

It was a daily conscious choice. A daily decision based on what I wanted my future to look like.

It was in 1998 when I learned about life coaching from one of the nurses at my son’s doctors office. That super awesome lady changed my life. I was able to use EFT, life coaching, and energy directing skills to help my son navigate his world.

Since then, I have educated myself on many different techniques and philosophies for effectively coaching someone through major mindset shifts. These skills were much needed over the years while working with my special needs child. The results have been beyond what the doctors predicted all those years ago.

Where once was a non-responsive, combative, locked inside himself child is now a fine young man who is a voracious reader, a high school graduate, a man who can work part-time and is mostly able to take care of himself. WooHoo! Take that, naysayer doctors!

I became a healer out of necessity for my son, however, I realized I held a strong passion to help others with their transitions and healing.  Each session is uniquely tailored toward the specific goals of the client as I lead them on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation, creating their Shatterproof Life.

Here is a brief snapshot of who I am and what I can help others with:

I’m a skilled life coach with nearly 20 years’ experience assisting others by guiding and holding sacred space for self-exploration and transformation

An Energy Worker with over 30 years’ experience assisting others by guiding and directing Source energy for specific intentions

A Confidence Catalyst and Intuitive Choice Coach with over 25 years’ experience assisting others by guiding and holding sacred space for women to heal emotional wounds and create dramatic transformations into living the life they desire

These wonderful coaching skills have also been extremely useful over the past couple of years while I’ve been dealing with my own personal life transition.

Cancer.  This 6-letter word will rock your world. To your very core. In ways you will never see coming.

Cancer Survivor.  This is a tremendous gift to be called. This title was earned through the hardest of battles. The outcome, the joyous of times. I carry my scars with pride.

My ‘Someday List’ is now my ‘To-Do List’. By conscious and deliberate CHOICE.

I’m in charge of how I show up in my life. I now live this gift called Life by new rules, enjoying my freedom, embracing my deeply held desires, and spreading love everywhere I go. I consciously choose to do differently in my life.

This is what I bring to my coaching practice. Through decisive and conscious choice I guide women towards the life they desire. Through hard work, dedication and action, nothing is out of reach. Everything is possible.

Repeat after me: I AM SHATTERPROOF