Shawna is completely the real deal. She has such an intuition, soul, and heart for her work and the people she supports. I have seen lots of business coaches on the internet and Shawna just breaks the mold with her authenticity and genuine care and support. I would recommend her to all my friends and just feel so blessed to have her in my life!
Janice L.

Shawna is a great sounding board for any challenges that you are facing around your business. She has learned from the bottom up and is really tuned into the demands of modern business (i.e. grace under fire and spine of steel).
Anne M.

I wanted to work with someone who was authentic and passionate about their ‘personal mission’, as well as someone that has walked-the-walk in business. Shawna fits the bill. I appreciate her straightforwardness and ability to listen; she has helped me build clarity I needed to advance my career! Thank YOU, Shawna!
Jessica D.

I would like to personally thank Shawna for her work with me. Since we met, my life is unrecognizable to how it was before I met her, and all that I wanted to achieve I have. I am thrilled to see you stepping into your power as an entrepreneur!
Linda G.

Shawna is an inspiring business woman, entrepreneur and light being. She goes above and beyond to provide a personal and effective service which gets results… fast!
Phoebe A.

When you work with Shawna, you honestly feel like you are her only client. She is a constant source of support. Whenever I have needed help, assistance or advice she has made herself available immediately. She makes you feel like no request is ever too much and you can trust that she will have the answer, or seek it out quickly.
Amara K.

Shawna has transformed my life in a multitude of ways. Yes, she has dramatically improved my financial situation, increasing my income, increasing my awareness of my vibrant frequency so I can step into my personal genius! But, most importantly for me, she changed my emotional life and the relationships I hold most important. What were once strained, stressful and a source of constant worry, are now delights for me.
Claire B.

Working with Shawna was like nothing else I had experienced. Finally, I had someone on my side, who is not afraid to challenge me, present alternative points of view or options, in order for me to succeed to my best. Her approach to coaching is completely unique. A blend of spiritual, emotional support mixed with years of practical business experience and success.
Penny Z.

The combination of Shawna as a very powerful holistic guide mixed with her no-nonsense business approach is very effective. What I particularly appreciate about Shawna’s approach is her speed and simplicity, within minutes she was able to see a clear and simple solution to a problem I’ve been battling for years. She’s not afraid to tell you how it is and call you out on your crap. Her intuition is razor sharp and her advice is fantastic. But the proof is in the pudding. Hire her, you won’t regret it!
Ellen R.

I enjoyed working with Shawna to transition into my role as Senior Project Manager. She is a lovely lady who makes you work hard and dig deep during coaching. I discovered a lot about myself and have become more aware of where I can improve my behavior and reactions to others in order to facilitate a better outcome for everyone. 

I can highly recommend Shawna for those who are taking on, or are in, positions of high responsibility; people facing change in their role; people who would like to do their job more effectively through knowing and understanding themselves in the first instance.
Victoria S.