Shatterproof ACTION Pathway

The Shatterproof ACTION Pathway is a self-exploration in transforming how you CHOOSE to show up in your personal, professional and global life.

Show up in your life DELIBERATELY by taking the steps to ACHIEVE your wants, hopes, and dreams through conscience CHOICE.

Session 1
ACCOUNTABILITY: This is establishing an understanding of YOUR role in being responsible for YOUR life. Accountability is about delivering on commitments made to yourself.
Module 1: Accepting Responsibility for The Outcome You Choose
Module 2: Self Respect Garners World Respect
Module 3: Invest in Your Life by Investing in Yourself: Personal Perception – Self-Esteem
Module 4: Take Charge and Lead

Session 2
COMMITMENT: the voluntary acceptance and fulfillment of an obligation. Yourself.
Module 1: Consistent Follow-Through
Module 2: Engagement, Connection, and Focus
Module 3: Trustworthiness and Dependability
Module 4: Personal Commitment vs. Professional Commitment: Same yet Different
Module 5: Daily Choice of Voluntary Action

Session 3
THOUGHTS: What you think, How you think, about yourself, changes your outcome.
Module 1: The Movie in Your Mind
Module 2: Your Thoughts are Your Patterns
Module 3: Personal Perception – Victim vs. Responsibility?
Module 4: The Power of Positivity

Session 4
INITIATIVE: This is YOUR power to act strategically on behalf of YOURSELF.
Module 1: You, As Priority Number One
Module 2: Your Productivity Spark
Module 3: Those Little Things Matter
Module 4: That darn Procrastination Effect
Module 5: Strategic Power

Session 5
OWNERSHIP: Rounding out the trifecta including Accountability and Commitment, this is the deliberate and conscious choice to be responsible for your LIFE.
Module 1: Yes, You CAN have that power too
Module 2: Life and Circumstances
Module 3: Conscious Choice
Module 4: Future-proofing your Vision

Session 6
NAVIGATE: Bringing it all together, walk a new pathway for your future
Module 1: The 3 C’s of Choice, Courage, Confidence
Module 2: Creating the ACTION Habit plan
Module 3: Challenge: 28 Days of ACTION