Initiatrix v3

Initiatrix is for the fempreneur who desires to hone her Leader Consciousness to uplevel her business.

You’ve seen her. She walks with graceful movements. Her elegance is a tangible thing. Her very presence commands attention. The room hushes as she takes center stage. And when she speaks, her voice rings of assuredness. Her energy defines her authority.

No element of her aura lacks competence.

The old saying “I can’t explain what it is, but I know it when I see it” applies when we speak of Leader Consciousness, a concept commonly called Command Presence.

In his book ‘Blink’, author Malcolm Gladwell describes a phenomenon called ‘thin-slicing’ – the ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and behavior based on very narrow slices of experience. In layman’s terms, thin-slicing is our brain’s ability to filter out all, but the essential information required to make quick judgments.

And these judgments, although formed quickly, are surprisingly accurate. This occurs very quickly, so quickly, in fact, that most of us do not even realize we’ve done it.

But it does occur, and it is done to us. This is especially true for women as our own history reflects.

Human beings conduct this type of ‘thin-slicing’ activity when encountering other human beings, whether we realize we’re doing it or not. EVERYONE we come into contact with is sizing us up and does so quickly.

Although we can do nothing to stop individuals from sizing us up, we can control how they perceive us through the aura we project.

What we must consider is HOW we as business owners are going to be perceived by those who would be our clients, and what we can do to mold that in our favor.

For example, when you embody your energy and look in the mirror, what do you see? Is the individual in the mirror one who commands respect or gives off signals of struggling prey?

Do you project a professional aura or air of authority; or do you appear apathetic – as if you couldn’t care less?

Are you confident or nervous, timid and unsure of yourself?

Initiatrix is a Feminine Leader Consciousness coaching program for women leaders who want to show up fearlessly confident.

Feminine Command Presence is essentially your ability to project your position as one of authority in a professional sense, to others in your environment. How you are perceived by those around you defines your level of Command Presence.

The vast majority of the time, Command Presence is expressed as a non-verbal communication to those around you and is determined at first glance or through your first instructions, interactions or comments.

Your appearance, including your posture and personal presentation in how you walk, speak and the gestures you use all project your personal Command Presence.

Initiatrix activates your Feminine E.G.O. so you show up confidently with GRAVITAS.

Feminine E.G.O.

Your Feminine E.G.O. is the combination of Energy -> Gravitas <- Ownership

Your Gravitas is the energetic core from where you exude the confidence and competence that is felt by those around you. You are grounded within your own esteem.

All Things Are Possible.

Initiatrix coaching program a step-by-step process that shows you how to develop the 10 specific behaviors that make a Leader. You will exemplify Leader Consciousness by implementing all 10 characteristics. You will become your most successful professional self.

Embrace Your Feminine Leader Consciousness

Let me show you how to begin honing your Feminine E.G.O.