The Inner FOCUS Mastermind

Embrace the Oracle within through Intuitive Choice

You’re a woman on a mission to embrace your true power and are ready to take the necessary action to create the life you desire.

You struggle to believe this part of your nature, spending years hiding your intuitive energy, pushing it further away into your subconscious.

You’re afraid of what you’ll find lurking in the shadows and yet you’re willing to face the journey head-on.

You realize that, at times, it will be uncomfortable, it will push you out of your comfort zone, and it will most definitely be hard work.

You want to dive deeper than you have ever dared before into yourself to create total alignment with how you show up in your life.

You’re committed to doing what it takes to evolve.

The Inner FOCUS Mastermind is a 6-week intensive designed to ignite your
Inner Oracle energies by bringing conscious awareness to your overall self-care, obliterating the shackles of negative energies in your thoughts & actions, embracing the glory that is your Feminine self-confidence, and to evolve you into
the Goddess you were born to be.

Here’s what you’ll experience in the Inner FOCUS Mastermind:

Week 1
Framework: The lens through which you view your world – this is a guided excavation of your foundational beliefs that will enable you to shed the concepts and teachings that hold you back from Divine evolution.

Week 2
Ownership: Fully leaning into your personal responsibility – this week is the deliberate and conscious choice to be responsible for your LIFE.

Week 3
Clarity: Personal clarity is identifying what emotionally drives you – this is where things go deep, into your emotional center so you deal with the emotional triggers that may lie dormant within you. This is the week of honesty, transparency, and acceptance.

Week 4
Understanding: Taking a good look inside yourself to get to the root of who you are – staying in the depth of yourself, this is where things turn completely inward, allowing you to understand YOU so that you can evolve fully into the Inner Oracle.

Week 5
Spirituality: Know who and what is important in your life – Rounding out the deep work, this is an analysis of your core beliefs, both religious and not, that are driving forces in your life. Embrace your Inner Oracle.

Week 6
Wrap-up with an extended Q&A session

What’s included:
*Six (6) week all-access pass to me
*Six (6) weekly 90-minute deep dive sessions
*Six (6) weekly hour-long Q&A sessions
*Unlimited 24/7 email access for support
*Weekly journal worksheets in your inbox
*Private Facebook group to connect with other group members