Shatterproof Your Life Bootcamp

Create your quick, actionable blueprint for a Shatterproof Life by learning to quickly tap into your inner wisdom and efficiently breaking through the energetic congestion that you’ve gathered from living Life so that you can create the life you truly desire!

Each bootcamp is 14 days and is kept to a small group of 10 to 12 women.

Session 1 – Embrace Your Evolution – Quickly tap into areas you desire the most growth

Session 2 – Design Your Life – Building on Session 1, we’ll create an action plan toward achieving the growth you seek

Session 3 – Own What Is Yours – Building on Session 2, we’ll lean into your ownership of the roles you play in your life

Session 4 – Be In Integrity, With Yourself – Building on Session 3, we’ll examine and define where you are out of integrity with yourself

Session 5 – Honor Your Virtue – Building on Session 4, we’ll review your beliefs and discuss how they influence your moral and ethical character

Session 6 – Shatterproof Release Method – In this final session, you’ll learn a quick and effective tool for creating balance within yourself.


  • Private Facebook group for collaboration and community
  • (1) Live on the daily topic delivered in the Facebook group
  • Daily journal prompts to further develop your action plan
  • Guidance on learning moving meditation

Daily inspiration and support from a group of like minded women who are Creating Their Shatterproof Lives too!

Shatterproof Your Life Bootcamp